Internally consistent database for oxygen isotope fractionation

Database DBOXYGEN version 2.0.3 (updated May 9, 2019)

Release notes

About this version of the database:

  • Reference phase: Quartz
  • 153 phase end-members
  • 1 pure water fluid phase
  • Based on 400 mineral/mineral or mineral/fluid couples


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    References & citation guidelines

    • Vho A., Lanari P., Rubatto. D (2019). Internally-consistent database for oxygen isotope fractionation between minerals. Journal of Petrology, 60, 2101–2130

    Please use the following citation in your publications when you refer to the database DBOXYGEN. The version of the database should be specified just after the name, e.g. Calculations were performed using the database DBOXYGEN 2.0.3 (Vho et al., 2019).

    Additional files

    • Reference file containing all the primary data for oxygen isotope fractionation factors (84 pages, 0.4 MB)
    • Result file containing the plots of model results and a detailed report of the fit quality (522 pages, 4.2 MB)